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Debbie Hepplewhite's 1hr. keynote presentation on synthetic phonics for the UK RRF 2015 conference:
ppt. slides to accompany Debbie's talk: http://t.co/fHS4RsURaA

Debbie Hepplewhite's ppt. slides from ResearchED Oxford 2017.
'What’s ‘holding back’ research-informed foundational literacy from reaching all teachers and learners?'

The Holy Grail of Teaching Spelling: Teacher Tarjinder Gill's 1hr. presentation for ResearchED (2020. UK)

Podcast. John Walker (Sounds-Write) on the Why and How of Phonics.
Apple: apple.co/3d4e5ZT Spotify: spoti.fi/3d6AaHC SoundCloud: bit.ly/3dPF5M1

Emily Hanford's 1hr. keynote presentation: Discovering the Science of Reading: a reporter's story (2020. USA)

David Didau's ppt. slides on 'The Importance of Reading Fluency'.
''The biggest invisible barrier to academic success is a lack of reading fluency. The DfE estimate that 20% of children leave primary school unable to fluently decode and are, therefore, unable to access an academic curriculum. But because almost no schools measure reading fluency, they have no idea whether students are capable of being academically successful'' (David Didau)

David Didau explains ‘Why we need to read aloud’ to our primary and secondary age pupils (video and ppt slides) 

Anne Glennie: The Attainment gap? What about the teaching gap? with reference to Scotland

Podcast. Anne Glennie. Teach Every Child to Read.

The English Alphabet Code - talk given by Prof Diane McGuinness at the UK RRF conference 2011.
Part 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkeLL49lLw4
Part 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnbweqBSjpA
Script. ttp://rrf.org.uk/pdf/conf2011/Diane_McGuinness_RRF_conf2011.pdf

Alison Clarke: How phonics got framed

Alison Clarke: What's wrong with predictable or repetitive texts

Alison Clarke: English Spelling Code

Alison Clarke: Preventing literacy failure and shifting the whole Bell Curve up.

Dr.Steve Dykstra: Understanding Statistics and Research: Even if You Really, Really Hate Math
Using Fountas & Pinnell? Watch Dr Steve Dykstra unpack its “gold standard” research from 52.33.
Using Reading Recovery? Start at 1:03:43

Prof. Julian Elliott talks about 'The Dyslexia Debate'