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X Keynote presentation for the RRF 2015 conference: One hour of free synthetic phonics CPD from Debbie Hepplewhite:
ppt. slides to accompany Debbie's talk: http://t.co/fHS4RsURaA

X Gordon Askew, retired DfE phonics advisor's ppt. on successfully embedding synthetic phonics in the new national curriculum. TES registration (free) required to access the ppt.

Tricia Millar's 'Introduction to Spelling' videos for teens/adults

Centre for Independent Studies event (Australia) ‘Why Jaydon Can’t Read’:
Jennifer Buckingham http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWPtyEypWHs
Justine Ferrari and Tom Alegounarias http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyDNiEqcpi0

X Alison Clarke: How phonics got framed

X Alison Clarke: English Spelling Code

X Alison Clarke illustrates why predictable or repetitive texts are harmful for beginning readers.

Alison Clarke: Preventing literacy failure and shifting the whole Bell Curve up.

N.B. ppt only viewable on PCs
This primary school's ppt (scroll down & click on the blue rectangle: Phabulus Fonicks!) for parents gives accurate and helpful advice for helping with reading and spelling. The school uses the Sound Reading System programme.

X In this keynote presentation at The European Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences 2014, in Brighton, Prof. Joe Elliott calls for an end to the use of the dyslexia label. He discusses the “false illusions” surrounding dyslexia, the biology behind reading disabilities and what, if anything, intelligence has to do dyslexia.

Jolly Phonics Songs on YouTube: