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Spelling Resources

Spelling Sorted: Spelfabet's free Sound-Spelling Book to download.

£. Phonic Books spelling dictionary- to build: photocopiable spelling sheets for recording alternative spellings of the phonemes in the Phonic Code. Can be used as activity sheets or as an ongoing spelling book

Alphabet Code charts showing spelling alternatives in real words: for the wall and students' files. 

Comprehensive English Alphabet Code chart -for teacher training.



. Allographs II. Diane McGuinness's scripted programme focuses on multi-syllable words and the Latin layer of the spelling code. It consists of a Teacher Manual and a student Workbook. Note this programme is for KS2+ and builds on KS1 synthetic phonics. Available from Google as eBooks.

£. English from the Roots Up: Help for Reading, Writing, Spelling. Joegil K. Lundquist. Cune Press, USA
''An excellent vocabulary and spelling tool for any age student--including the child who is learning to read, especially with phonics... It develops words from Latin and Greek roots using simple mnemonic devices--index cards outlined in red for Latin or green for Greek'' (customer review on Amazon)

Primary National Curriculum: statutory spelling lists for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 syllabified (and more)

Some Sophisticated Spellings (GCSE English) Syllabified

How I teach root words -includes free lists of Latin & Greek roots with meanings

Free to download: BABL Word Game - word analysis and Latin and Greek Vocabulary.

Free booklet: Sounds~Write's 'Spelling theory and a lexicon of English spellings'

Teens: conquering the 30 most misspelled words