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Teaching reading and spelling to pre-schoolers.
Prof. Pamela Snow's blog post sets out clearly why it's often a wise for parents and carers to begin teaching their children to read and spell before they begin school:
Dear Parents. Welcome to the confusing world of reading instruction.
''As parents, you buy a lottery ticket when your child starts school''

Recommended book for parents/carers with children age 0-5: Growing a reader from birth: your child's path from language to literacy. Diane McGuinness. Pub. Norton. A parent and layperson's guide to speech development: understanding a child's emerging language from first babblings to a five year old's mastery of reading.

What NOT to do: Prof.McGuinness' one page outline of research informed 'Principles for Teaching Reading' with the three activities that teachers but also home educating parents should avoid 

How to say the sounds of the Initial / Basic Code accurately -spoken by children at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School. Note how to say /y/ and /w/


Primarily aimed at parents and carers, this is a collection of high quality synthetic / linguistic phonics resources suitable for teaching reading and spelling to pre-schoolers up to about 6yrs.old.

Sounds-Write's FREE, online initial / basic English Alphabet Code Part 1 (Initial Code Units 1-7) practical course for parents/carers/homeschoolers: teach your rising 4-6 yr old child how to read and spell

-  Help your child to read and write: Part 2 (Initial Code Units 8-11)
The follow-up to Sounds-Write's practical online course for parents/carers/homeschoolers.

- Sounds-Write Activity Book for Part 1 (Initial Code Units 1-7)
To use alongside Sounds-Write's Udemy course part 1.

- Sounds-Write Activity Book for Part 2 (Initial Code Units 8-11)
To use alongside Sounds-Write's Udemy course part 2.

Spelfabet's (Australian) free early phonics and handwriting workbook 1. Follows the UK's Letters and Sounds programme Phase 2 teaching sequence. PDF to download, colour printer needed.

- Spelfabet's (Australian) cheap, printable, 101-page colour early phonics and handwriting workbook 2. Follows the UK's Letters and Sounds programme Phase 3 teaching sequence. PDF to download, colour printer needed.

Phonics International pre-school resources: http://www.phonicsinternationalpreschool.com/
- . Early Years Starter Package: Resources for children aged 3-5, for pre-school settings and parents who want to make an early start with synthetic phonics.
- . Teeny Reading Seeds: Resources for approximately 3-4 yr.olds as they begin to make links between speech sounds and the 26 alphabet letters - both upper and lower case.
- . ''Phonics and Talk Time: Two books (consumables) ''to introduce the pre-school child (3+ years) to the upper and lower case letter shapes of the alphabet linked to their smallest sounds of speech (phonemes). The letter-sound links are then used to introduce early reading, spelling and handwriting''

Jolly Phonics. Pub. Jolly Learning. http://jollylearning.co.uk/
- . Synthetic phonics programme (unscripted) and resources based around The Phonics Handbook . Straightforward to use and suitable for nursery/pre-school.

. App for iPad only. Sounds-Write's Linguistic Phonics Initial / Basic Code app. 1st three units are free. ''This app offers a variety of activities to develop the skills of blending and segmenting, sound spelling correspondence, word reading and writing and some sentences reading and writing''. N.B. Parental/carer supervision needed when using the app.

. Oaktree Designs. Set of 3 phonics wildlife friezes: ''Subliminal learning, stunning illustrations and colour-coded graphemes''

Free download (colour printer needed) First Phonics Picture Book for pre-schoolers -all 44 sounds covered.

Phonics decodable books:
Suitable to use alongside the Sounds-Write online course for parents - see above.

Sounds-Write Initial Code books in Kindle format.
Please use on a tablet rather than on a phone so the text is big enough for your child to read.
. 14 decodable stories designed to be used with the free Udemy S-W phonics course Part 1.
. 10 decodable stories designed to be used with the Udemy S-W phonics course Part 2.

. Sounds-Write Initial Code books for beginning readers.

. Dandelion Launchers: Initial code books for beginning readers. 
Launchers Units 1-7 are now available as interactive e-Books that can be downloaded onto the iPad or iPhone.
Unit 1 is free to download.
. Workbooks (photocopiable) to accompany each unit of Launchers: